Residential Proxies

What are residential proxies?

Residential proxies are IPs that are associated with residential internet users. That is IPs that are assigned to residential or home internet users from the same IP providers that provide IPs to real people. Like people who get internet connected to their house, townhouse or apartment etc… are assigned residential IPs.

Alternately, data centre proxies have IPs that are associated with, that right a data centre.

Why use residential proxies?

Internet marketers sometimes like to have multiple personas or multiple accounts on social media or other sites. Using residential proxies means that you blend in with others who are using residential IPs. This means that your accounts look more natural to the sites you are using them on.

More natural looking proxies means less account bans and no or less recapture challenges. We all hate completing those recaptures to prove that we are not bots!

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Reputation management

Have competitors posted negative reviews or something else negative about your business online?

In some cutthroat industries, competitors use negative reviews to damage your business’ reputation.  This could be a forum post that has negative comments that shows up in the search results when people search your business name. It can also mean leaving negative reviews on your google business page, yelp or other business review platforms.

If this is happening to you, we can help. We can help encourage your customers to leave genuine reviews and push down the negative reviews and increase your star rating.

We can also help make negative forum posts or other sites that show up when searching for your business name disappear off the first page of the search results so that virtually no one sees it.


Positive  reviews can help your business

Some business ignore their online reviews and miss great marketing opportunity. More and more customers research a business online even if they are bricks and mortar businesses. So what can positive reviews do for your business?

1. They people clicking through from the search results to your business website or listing.

2. They improve your business ability to be found when searching online.

3. They provide ‘social proof’ people want to buy what other people are buying as if everyone is doing it must be good.

4. They build immediate trust. People are turned off by poor reviews and turned on by good ones.

5. They provide you with priceless feedback. If you really could improve something wouldn’t you want to know about that?


So get out there and encourage people to leave reviews about your business today.