Best Web Hosting Review 2017

The best cheap web hosting services of 2017 | Review

Web hosting is becoming very competitive. However, not all web hosts are providing a good service. Some hosts provide a cheap price but their services are desperately lacking. Other hosting providers provide a great service but are super expensive. So depending on what you need the best web hosting provider is probably somewhere in-between. See below for a review of the different hosting providers and if they meet your needs.

In today’s fast-paced, mobile-phone-internet-connected society, if you are a business without a web presence then you may as well not exist. Even small bricks and mortar businesses need a website. Every business that wants to be found by their potential customers needs a decent fit-for-purpose website. The discerning potential customer will research your business on their mobile phone whenever they have a spare moment, probably whilst they are on the bus or waiting in line at the supermarket checkout. If you do not have a website your potential customers will be surfing your competitions website instead.

Even if you are NOT an e-commerce shop and you do not sell anything online, a website is still a must have part of a business. Often a bricks and mortar business will just need a static website that provides general information about the business like the products or services offered (even if they need to come into the store to buy them), contact details (phone, address, and email) and opening hours. Some businesses will also have a blog that contains relevant business or industry news to show that they are an authority at what they do.

However, needing a website does not mean that you need to spend up big to have one. There are website options available for every budget and business need. You don’t need to break the bank with a costly option if you only need a basic option. If you want to have a greater online presence and increase your online marketing into a lead generating machine there are options for that too!

Not all web hosting companies are equal. Whilst some web hosting companies are cheap because they provide a poor service, others are cheap and provide value for money. Continue reading to find out what is important and which web host is the best for each situation.