Residential Proxies

What are residential proxies?

Residential proxies are IPs that are associated with residential internet users. That is IPs that are assigned to residential or home internet users from the same IP providers that provide IPs to real people. Like people who get internet connected to their house, townhouse or apartment etc… are assigned residential IPs.

Alternately, data centre proxies have IPs that are associated with, that right a data centre.

Why use residential proxies?

Internet marketers sometimes like to have multiple personas or multiple accounts on social media or other sites. Using residential proxies means that you blend in with others who are using residential IPs. This means that your accounts look more natural to the sites you are using them on.

More natural looking proxies means less account bans and no or less recapture challenges. We all hate completing those recaptures to prove that we are not bots!

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